A step by step program to help you change your unconscious habits of eating unhealthy.

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We founded HealthierMe to give you the best information on what is happening in our food industry. Nowadays, we get exposed to so many food products that to get the best nourishment is becoming a challenge. Double that with the information we get exposed to in our daily life, and you will have an idea of why our health and attention is declining. 

We've been working for more than two years on putting this course together and collecting as much detailed information as possible to make your learning more comfortable and productive. 

What will you get from finishing this course:
  • To understand the way the food industry tricks us and how macronutrients work.

  • You will be able to fix your craving type and substitute unhealthy products with ones that hold high nutritional value.

  •  You will be an organized shopper and will know how to distinguish harmful vs. beneficial products explicitly tied to your needs.

  •  You will be able to connect the bonds between diet and your workout accurately for your body goal. 

What to not expect from this course:
  • That it will not require effort, and you will achieve your dream body by some magic trick. 

  • That you will get some product in a nifty little package that will hold all the nutritional value your body needs.

Why this course?

The reason HMe differentiates from other healthy eating courses is that with this program, everyone will be able to gain knowledge on the food and also achieve their dream body without having to follow a strict diet plan made by me. It will be their food choice with my guidance to pick the one with the most nutritional benefits.  

Also, after finishing this course, you will be able not only to achieve your body goal but also distinguish the food that is bad and good for your health. You would be a healthy conscious person living a life full of energy without being restricted to follow a dictated meal plan and workout regime. 


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